April 24, 2015

What's new with the 22 April Release

With Clover Mobile and Clover Mini rolling out, the team has been hard at work tuning up our platform and building out improvements geared toward helping 3rd party developers succeed in building, testing, launching, and tracking their apps.

API Updates:

  • In order to prevent service delays there are new constraints for certain API calls:
    • Items Reports queries are limited to a 9 week span
    • V3 Tax report queries are limited to a 92 day span
    • Cash log queries without explicit time filters will return results for the last 30 days
  • POST requests to create LineItems will now honor "note" field values

Dashboard Updates:

  • We have improved our systems for validating uploaded APK packages. Please review the updated documentation about creating and naming your APK
  • In order for a developer's test merchant account to allow credit card processing, that merchant must be pointed at a "black hole" payment gateway. This is now done by default on all new test merchant accounts.
  • All apps are now free for sales demo devices
  • The developer Charges table now supports filtering by any column - including status, amount and type:


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